I want to be like Caleb

So get your bible, and go to; Numbers 14:24

It records that Caleb, a spy for the people of Israel, had a different Spirit. The story goes that Moses sent 12 spy’s to look at the promised land, it was 3 years after God had rescued them from the power of the Pharaoh in Egypt. God had led them through the Red Sea, through the Sinai dessert, and they arrived at Canaan. It was there that God told Moses to send 12 spies to the land He was about to give to His people, they had 40 days to look at the land. And when they returned, most of them thought it wasn’t possible to attack the people living there! Because their where giants, and the cities where huge and well fortified. But then Caleb stood up, Caleb said it was possible to concur the land, he didn’t look at the giants, didn’t look at the fortified cities! Caleb had a different Spirit, and looked at our glorious God! He knew God would help them. So lets step back and look at this story; 82% of the spies that saw the promised land, thought it wasn’t possible to attack it. They didn’t know why God had brought them to this land, and they thought it was better to go back to Egypt. Than to lose their wives and children to the people that lived in Canaan.

God was angry, He asked Moses

  • “How long will these people treat me like dirt?
  • Will they never believe me, even after all the miraculous signs I have done among them?

Only 2 spies thought it was possible; Caleb and Joshua.. And God praised there faith, and made a promise that their children would inherit the land, And no one of that generation got to see how beautiful the promised land really was!

How about our faith?

Are your eyes fixated on what you achieved by yourself, or do you want to trust God, and fixate your eyes upon Him







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